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"Not In Our Name" (N.I.O.N.) T-shirts (S, M, L, X-L)

Haiti Creates

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"Not In Our Name" (N.I.O.N.) T-shirts (S, M, L, X-L)
"Not In Our Name" (N.I.O.N.) T-shirts (S, M, L, X-L)

These T-shirts are 100% cotton and are fair trade certified.  Black T's with white lettering is the only option at this point.

Like the N.I.O.N. bracelets for sale on this website, the N.I.O.N. T-shirts are part of a campaign in the U.S. to oppose the separation of children and families at the U.S. borders.  The campaign is called, "Not In Our Name," or N.I.O.N. for short.  All proceeds from T-shirt sales will support organizations that are doing the work of monitoring human rights at detention centers and trying to reunite families who have been separated. 

For more information about the "Not In Our Name" campaign which includes a petition, T-shirts, and a music video, select this link.

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